Closing Time Forever (Re-Make)

So, anyways... this one is special to me. Why? Because it shows where I come from. The song has a somewhat retro feel and sound, and I like to think of it as a tribute to all those magic songs I loved when I was a kid (and I still love those songs). It's a love song alright, and also a song about the spiritual and divine -- I was not in a good place when I wrote it, I needed to reach out for something that could keep me going... something I always been struggling with, something that always had been a burden and a challenge... Finally, at this particular time, I found the words and the imagery that made sense to me, and that was a great relief -- like I could put all those thoughts to rest.

Perhaps you could call it a protest song. What do I protest against? Lack of spirit, lack of heart, lack of human virtue.

Closing Time Forever (Re-Make) -- preview

Pietà. Artwork from The Sandman: The Doll's House


Missing troubadour

One of us -- who's next?


Unga män preview

Carnival cavalry, just released from the slammer.